Monday, July 23, 2007



will be released this Saturday 28th, and ladies, it's a time to celebrate because these babies are our own, first ever TIER 0 release, yes yes, just for us WOMEN!!!

-For those who don't know, a Tier 0 account is basically an account which has been given by Nike to only around 12 stores worldwide. Whichever product, usually collabs, or sneaks made in smaller numbers, will only be available at these selected Tier 0 stores. To try and make it even more exclooooooosive, these stores have been forbidden to put any of this product online to mail out.

Now, Im not gonna lie to you, when I first saw pics of these blazers, I just saw another blazer with an all over print. But last week I got to check them out for real and lace them how i wanna (some pics have 'em laced sooo tight, they look like a clown foot!). I have to say I am very pleased with our first release :)

The choice of materials really shows that they have been given a lot of thought, love and consideration. And with the choice of 3 very different colourways, at least 1 of these is bound to grab ladies from different walks of life. Although, they seem to only come with 1 set of laces :(

The coloured panels are dished out in canvas with a leather (or canvas just for the black) tongue and toe, with a dash of patent on the swoosh and heal panel.
My favourite part however, has to be the 3M print, that's right, it's reflective...

It's nice to see some real love for the ladies. Although the Puma Bonnies weren't bad, our lil' feet hardly ever get to sport some attire which doesn't consist of pink, doesn't have flowers, butterflies or things of that nature, or a model which hasn't been altered to suit our stereotypical tastes. We also like to wear trainers/sneakers that we won't see on every rudegyal's foot.
Apologies if it seems like I'm ranting, but this is something I feel passionate about as I'm surrounded by it all of my working days. I've loved kicks for just over 10 years now and remember a time when brands made women's kicks in colourways that even men would die for (I think that's gonna be a whole new post).
The point is, especially for us in Europe who hardly get a look in the big kids section either and can't stretch our feet to men's sizes, that these big brands need to do their research PROPPA!!! I have a long list of ladies who come into Foot- Patrol looking for some decent "non-girly" trainers (we don't all just shop in Topshop), here's hoping these are the first of many.

Thanks to Nike for choosing a real, strong lady to collaborate with, more info on Claw Money further down this blog by Dianne.
Get 'em while they're hot (and still VERY reasonably priced) girls, at a Tier 0 store near you.

much love


bisola said...

how much are they? they're so cute, i really like the yellow and pinks!

josephine said...

i want all three...can't i come and get them nooooooooooooow???

oh, i just called the shop by the way! i can't wait til saturday :(

Niranjela said...

they should be £60...not bad at all for what it is.
come in wheneva you can, they're in now if you wana see em for real, be good to see all you girls at the store...x

josephine said...

...and now they're all mine!!! mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa!!!!