Monday, July 23, 2007


So lastnight... Daft Punk finally came to LA! I've been waiting for this show forever. Ever since Coachella everyone's been talking about their legendary performance and I never got to see it with my own eyes until lastnight and I gotta admit it... I was COMPLETELY blown away. It was one of the best nights of my life and the best show I've ever seen hands down. Even if you didn't like Daft Punk, you would still be able to enjoy the show. Everyone was just lettin' loose and just danced all night. It was so amazing that I didn't even care about the sweaty dude on ecstacy bumping in to me on his half naked body. Fuck it! Everyone was there for the same purpose and it was worth every single minute of it. I was gonna cry about the ticket price but the experience was priceless. No words to it. Nothing compares. If you've never been to a Daft Punk show... PLEASE... go to one and you'll have a story to tell your children and grandchildren that mama or grandma LIVED!

Ratatat, Sebastian & Kavinsky opened the show with some mellow tune to warm up.

This is the beginning of the show which drove everyone insane because the anticipation was so intense. They did a a good job because once they opened with "Robot Rock" the crowd exploded.

The light show was craaaaaaaaaazy. When "Around the World" came on, the rim above the pit lit up and everyone pretty much went out of their mind. This is towards the end of this clip.

This is their encore performance. The Robot suit lights up! You know usually at a Wu Tang show people throw up the W sign and at a Jay-z concert they throw the ROC. Well here we threw up the Pyramid! Kinda like the ROC but a complete triangle.

I wish the show lasted a little longer but its all good. So worth it.
If anyone that's in Berkely, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, and New York please don't miss the show! If you're not in those cities, fly there, drive there, do whatever you gotta do to get your ass there and I promise it'll be worth every single dollar or Euro. If you need help on finding tickets holler at me!

Last but not least... Anybody that attended the Dafter Party got to meet Daft Punk face to face including Sebastian and Kavinsky! Thank you thank you thank you Laxxy ( for taking care of us like always! Love you mamas.

This show changed me in some ways. (As corny as it sounds) I always listen to people talk about the old rave days and how it was like to be free and dance til' dawn but I've never really been there myself and I felt like I didn't know what it was like to really LIVE. The show wasn't a rave but well... last night I lived. We all lived. Susan and Brittany you guys are the bomb and I'm glad I spent the night with you girls.

If you were at the show... show some love on the blog so they know what its like! I'm out ladies...



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weeerd! i just heard "harder better faster stronger" for the first time last night... ere'body's sampling them now too! (jaq)