Wednesday, July 04, 2007

from motown to yo' town

Greetings gals. Big ups to Shar, WAH! and all it's contributors, readers, bon bons and all that good stuff. I am most honored to be here and rep the D, yes the one and only dirty yet dazzling Deeeeetroit! I just graduated from college (public relations/ print journalism) and am ready to take on the world (in both sneakers and sky-hi pumps, frilly dresses and skin tight denim). I'm a fashion- obsessed freelance writer (currently doing small piece on the hidden fashion accesory heavens a/k/a beauty supply stores- storylink to come), eyewear pusher by day, drink slinger by night. I like to photograph street fashion and do so on the regular for a local weekly mag.

Here are a few things I love right now: 1) my (finally! it shipped!) turq ILL NA NA tee by IHMDJ 2) rediscovering how good ____ were/was: 2a) jean shorts 2b) Aaliyah 3b) neon everything 3) mojitos 4) 555 Soul Sessions Vol.6 mixed by Stretch Armstrong

That's all for now peeps. I'm about to head downtown to grip an oversized BBQ turkey drumstick from one of Detroit's finest. Nice to be here, we'll talk soon. Keep it fresh.


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