Wednesday, July 04, 2007


WAH g’wan ladies (and gents! Cuz y’all know you been peeping on the low)!
Please forgive us for this very VERY tardy introduction- New York Shitty got us hustlin’ on the daily. We on the grind folks!

Oh! Did we forget to mention?! There are indeed TWO of us. We are Alex and Jaq of NOLA DARLING, a Hip Hop/Reggae/R&B duo based out of Harlem, NYC (for now anyway).

Pssht, forget that “college dropout” biz, we recent grads too! Of course, kudos to Shar for handling her bidness. Now, THAT’s true rude gal stylee.

So in between preparing for the preview screening of our documentary on International Hip Hop culture, “WORD?! I Didn’t Know (________) Could Get Down Like That”! on July 25th and our debut Mini-Mix Tape in August (yes, we wear many hats), we’ll be posting some hot shit along with all the other lovely ladies of WAH! It’s an honor to be in their company……

P.S. hit us up on myspace:
  • Nola Darling

  • And check out our other blog to learn more about us and our wild and crazy adventures
  • Qui Ca? Nou La!
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    jazz said...

    love the music ladiez, ferreal
    the flow is dope
    keep on keepin on