Thursday, July 26, 2007


Finally got my Prince tickets through today. On the ticket pre-release day, I ran around the office begging for someone to let me use their O2 account to secure tickets. At £31.21 they weren't the cheapest in the world and i'm craaaazy brass right now but I put that to one side and purchased them, looking forward to being one of the lucky peeps to see the legend live and direct at the O2.

But now the tickets are here I'm thinking this: do I actually want to go anymore?

I bought the tickets about 5 minutes after the booking system opened, on pre-release day. But the only tickets available were in the upper tier, like a million miles away from the stage so I'll be squinting like a motherfucker to see a man who was pretty small to begin with. When I bought the tickets, there were only a few dates available. Then more became available. Then more after that. Pretty soon, it was like everyone and their mother had an 'exclusive' ticket. Then Prince started hooking up with racist newspapers to give away his new album, convincing everyone that this six figure business deal was an act of generosity. Call me cynical, but the whole thing is starting to feel like a marketing scam.

Maybe I'm just being silly. The fact is that I do love Prince and would like to hear him live. But going to this concert doesn't feel organic and right to feels like I'm going to be taking part is some large-scale PR wankfest. I'm not really in it. So I think I might be selling my tickets.

Oh, I don't know. I'm feeling sorry for myself today...the painters being in and that.

Josephine x


Queen B said...

Girl go and enjoy yourself! I wanted 2 c Prince but I changed my mind when I saw JT, cos I paid a stoopid amount of money to go see him and yeah it was aiight but not worth it.
But go and see him!
Not everybody can say they have seen a living legend!
ooh one more thing eat loads of chocolates and tell yourself you are the greatest. It works everytime for me! x

josephine said...

Someone else told me they went to see JT at the same venue and that they couldn't even see him for half of it!

But, back to your most important point: yes, I will in fact eats loads of chocolates in the mirror naked while touching myself.

oh shit, you didn't suggest that bit did you? i'll go and wash my brain out with soap and water at once! x

bisola said...

aww, jt was wonderful. he's so sexy. i say go see prince. the hardest part is always getting the tickets now that you've got that it's easy. you like him, right? then whatever, spoil yourself, you know you'll be mad if you don't go!

Anonymous said...

If you aint feelin it dont go....I booked 3 tickets to go see him, changed my mind and sold them. the person i sold them to is now trying to sell them cause they dont want to go.....

josephine said...

see, that's exactly how i'm feeling now. might sell them to someone in my office...obviously i'll skank them on the price and go and buy trainers with the proceeds :)

Mz.Matic said...

i'm going to the prince concert at the end of the month - def looking foward to it, but rightly or wrongly i have this super-optimistic attitude just because i love him so lol...i always get like this with any of my fav artists. apparently the first show went down really well, dunno if that's the one you went to. if not, i reckon you'll have a great time when you do go - it's prince dude!!