Wednesday, February 07, 2007


In Venice we hit up the Undefeated store first where I met Imee wo works in the store. I fucking love her she is so cute and cool and she taught me how to smoke outta a pipe. She's coming to London in March so im sure you'll hear more of our adventures. I love Undefeated, the store is so simply laid out but really cool. I swiped a box of matches and some Gator-Ade.

Craig checks the goods

I think Brent Rollins did this amazing mural...

I love her!

These fucking shite shoes were in every store I went to. Nike Women need to fix up. We're not all 12 year olds playing with Barbies...

The we walked to an Irish pub around the corner. Suddenly there were millions of people on bikes. I didn't get a good enough picure but the cycle crew lasted for ages. I found out they were a group called Critical Mass who wanna promote sharing the road between cyclists and motorist. It was so crazy. this one dude had a stereo on his bike playing old skool drum n bass, blowing horns and shit, was so cool. I know my bike boys Conrad n Steve Bryden woulda loved it...


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