Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I fucking love the California landscape. its so wide and beautiful. America has so many different kinda terrain. So i'm just getting used to the fact that everyone drives here. 18 year old kids have cars the size of family cars in Britain. The pollution is quite bad. You don't notice it for a while until you try to look into the distance and the horizon is hazy with smog.

To try and cut down on pollution they've gt a CARPOOL lane so anymore with 2 or more people in their car can ride in this lane. Most of the time though, this lane was just empty, everyone rides solo...

Me and Di got up early to try and get some internet in the middle of nowhere, we found a coffee shop and i planned my day. The weirdest thing was the server in the coffee shop's boyfriend was from Highgate in London!! How odd!! Props to my man Adrian, part of the Highgate massive!!

Ange got her new Benz!!!

Craig from Addict and Jasper from Rogue Status picked me up towards the evening and we went drove back to Venice. Jasper was hungover.

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