Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Yooooooo.... I've been off road for a while, been doing the graveyard shift at uni, getting shit done- Gotta stay on point with that!!! But I'll be back on Friday Woop woop!!

I made a little video cos i couldn't be arsed to write for ages!! I did it yesterday night and am still at uni now 18 hours more sleep deprived. Apparently you died after 5 hours no sleep, I'm going for the title, we'll see what happens!

I miss everyone especially Will and Sharma and Gaz and Chaz!

Come Out to play on Thursday, It's the legend Know as CLAW and he's super sick wifey Lisa's (One half of Skills and Sterling) leaving party. You gotta come, it'll be the last time you see them, there moving all the way to Portland, motherfuckers!! They've moved the venue to 2 Floors, (downstairs) 3 Kingly st, W1R 5LF.

On Friday, I'm gonna have to party hard to party! The last month has been so stressful, gonna go wild at Bardens Boudoir, it's gonna bee nuts! Let me know if you need list!

We got loads of stuff planned for this month, make sure you watch the vid, but don't watch the quality, had to quickly knock it up!

Amazing Grace x

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