Thursday, February 15, 2007


Oh Lordie! I finally got my copy of this amazing book from La MJC, Indesignwetrust and Colette called "All Gone" documenting all the limited products of 2006. The book goes through the year month by month detailing the product, designer and amount released. It weird because some of the products seem years old but were only released months ago, testament to the fast moving nature of the streetwear industry i guess.... Its beautifully made with the logo foilblocked in gold on the front, a belly band, with stickers and a poster. It features products from MTTM, Vans, Adidas, Bape, Alife, , Medicom, Neighborhood, Nike, Kaws, Futura, James Jarvis. Its dope yo! Thanks to my girl Linlee at Colette in Paris for the hook up. Unfortunately its sold out now so you're gonna have to peep someone elses copy...

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