Tuesday, January 02, 2007


On New Years Eve/Day the tubes and buses in London are free for a few hours to make sure that everyone gets home safe after raving it up! This is a brilliant scheme and as we jumped on the tube i was whooping with elation about the fact that "LONDONS BEEN SUCKING ME DRY AND NOW THEY ARE FINALLY GIVING SOMETHING BACK!" however that joy is short lived because today the fucking cunts have increased all the prices again!! Every single year it happens. I wonder will the price ever go DOWN? even if just by 5p??! I doubt it. The greedy fuckers have made the bus fares go up to £2! £2!!!! for a single journey!! I have no idea what the tube fares are yet...I dread to think. But you know they kept the Oyster card prices the same because they want everyone to use an Oyster Card so they can track your movements, and if you jump the fare on a tube/bus they have all your details and they will take you to court. In this words of Eric B and Rakim, IT AINT NO JOKE! I know someone who went to court for jumping £1.50 on the DLR. Anyways, lemme tell you a little secret; if you get a new Oystercard from an off licence shop, particularly the one on Kingsland Rd opposite Tay Do cafe, they don't ask you to register it, in other words, YOU DONT HAVE TO REGISTER YOUR OYSTERCARD!! or even if you do, just put some fake details in so the bastards can't get ya! I may as well start burning my money now and scattering it over the Thames...


creo! said...

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panic love squad

Jeff Metal said...

You've always been able to get an Oyster card without registering it. It's just that usually at the tube stations they don't tell you and thrust a leaflet at you to fill in. Just look them in the eye and say 'I don't wish to register this Oyster card thank you very much' and slip that leaflet right back. It's great to see their pissed off little faces.