Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I have loved leopard prints since I was a little kid and watched the Jungle Book on telly, but now every fuckin high street chain and their mum is putting the print on an array of wack goods, so now its time to step up... right now i'm loving Zebra print. whether in black an white or any other mad colour combo, it looks heavy, You've already seen my dressing gown + New Era flex but lets have a look at some other Zebra freshness...

I heart Zebras!

Latest Womens New Era x Primani Dressing Gown!

Current nails!

Old The Hundreds Shorts

Lil Kim working the look!

GRN Apples Hoodie

Jenny rocking the leggings on the rug!

Womens dunk hi!

Nail tips!

That chick of ANTM with Christina Milian

Mama clothing Tee

Spring Summer 07

Nelson Mandela on the 15th Anniversary of his freedom!

Bridget Bardot

Chanel s/s 07



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