Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This is my first ever Christmas in my new flat! I was so determined to make this lego building as homely as possible that I bought my decorations a month ago, I've been storing mince pies and I've got 4 bottles of mulled wine (so far). Yesterday i got up well early, cleaned the whole house, organised a shoot then at 3pm thought DING! I'LL BUY MY BLOODY CHRISTMAS TREE TODAY!!! So i traipsed around Dalston looking for a real tree. First I was fobbed off with a short fat Danny Devito style tree at a local car garage priced £30!! Bloodclart mechanics always try and rip you off! Then I went up to Ridley Road market and the lovely veg sellers on the right side of the entrance sold me a HUGE bushy tree for £25! Bargain!

Then I had to schlep all the way home with the damn thing! I put it on the bus (at schooltime rush hour) pissing off everyone off, but pleasing myself with the lovely aroma and pleasant thoughts of decorating it. I even started stroking it.

When i got it off the bus, I had to drag it upstairs and an old man goes to me "I bet you thought it was a good idea at the time", cheeky bastard!

When I got it home, I was as proud as if I had cut the fucker down myself! We unleashed it from the casing and it was sooo huge it was like Little Shop of Horrors! I thought it was gonna eat me!!! Me and Grace had to rearrange the whole living room to accomodate it!!

But its up now! Very tasteful decorations, oh yah, I went for a hearts theme this year...

Looks lovely, pictures dont do it (and this story) justice. Anyone who's coming to my Christmas Party this week will DIE if they knock it over!

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