Friday, September 12, 2008


I just wanna write a lee-til note about the tune below.... Isnt it beautiful? Doesnt it remind you of church? Improv keyboard arrangements while the preacher is talking calmly? Does me. Ketty Lester's "Love Letters" was arranged and produced by a West Coast legend Ed Cobb (co-with Lincoln Mayorga). I know I don't normally write about boys, but Ed Cobb has been the supporting crux for some of my favourite female bands and singers of all time. And he is cool as fuck. He was in an instrumental group called The Piltdown Men, named after the science hoax and anyone who names themselves after any hoax whatsoever, particularly a science one, is cool in my book.

More importantly, he penned many tracks that have had plenty of exercise on my ipod - Brenda Holloway's "Every Little Bit Hurts", "Tainted Love" for Gloria Jones, and 'Touch of Venus' for Sandy Wynns. AND THEN - if it wasnt enough to create some of the greatest soul classics of all time he goes and does American garage punk with Barracuda for the Standells (one point covered by The Jesus and Mary Chain)!

I love anything that crosses punk and soul/rnb. I love West Coast, I love Ed Cobb...

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