Friday, September 12, 2008


The more attentive of you will notice I've been AWOL of late. Aside from being busy working on lots of completely unrelated projects simultaneously, trying to sort out my flat and attempting (in vain) to grow my hair, I have also had THE WORST WEEK EVER. I wonder why this is: have the planets misaligned? Am I being punished for not going to church enough? Who knows. But last week Thursday it started out like this:

- crazy, scary accountant sends me bill (3 months after I fire him for being a wacko) for over a thousand pounds. He didnt even do my accounts.
- my MAC DIED!!!!!!!!!! noooooooooooo - this has happened before but not at such a crucial time!! I'm devastated and go to Simons to cry.
- On my way home from Simon's get para about scary accountant knowing where I live and call Alex to come over. He doesnt because he is a loser.
- Someone else picks me up, kindly and we spend a nice Friday together.

Friday is generally better despite it raining all day. I can feel a cold coming on which I ain't got time for so I call MK to let him know I cant come Bestival. Not taking a no for an answer, he makes me come and i spend Saturday and Sunday in the coldest, wettest, muddiest place. In felt like London in the diseased Victorian times. And the van was full of cigarette smoke. I wish I never went. I arrive back in London at 3am Sunday night, Inhale some fresh air and walk partway home.

Monday I wake up practically dying with what I think is glandular fever. Self diagnosis thanks to NHS helpline. Its Friday and I'm still really sick. Feels like I've been punched in the throat and chucked in a big tumble dryer, I'm all achy and sweaty. Nice! Another week wasted when I could be doing work. And this morning I get a phone bill for £500.30. I love my life.

To ease the pain I've been listening to tons of Madlib/Dilla/Oh No beat CDs that Adrian gave me years ago, wishing I was back in Cali with the sun shining on me. I've also listened to KMD's Black Bastards album 3 times and this particular song about 12 times....Enjoy!

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