Wednesday, July 16, 2008


When I was a kid I BEGGGGGGGGED my rich uncle to get me a bike for my birthday. I got one that was a bit too big for me so I could grow into it. It got stolen after 6 months so i didnt grow into shit but anyway I had one of the best summers ever on my Raleigh. I mainly spent it cycling around the canals in Wolverhampton, which is the reason for this post. See, I've just moved to Kingsland road, right by the canal and I've been using the canals tons lately to get around, one canal leads straight from my house to Alex's. I picked Alex up on the weekend for a roll around Hackney canals and it totally reminded me of being a kid and ANYTHING THAT REMINDS ME OF BEING A KID IS THE BEST!!


DIANNE said...

so i ran into aimee at the hellzbellz office yesterday and she said you're planning on going to mexico! that's going to be crazy with a lot of tequilas and strip clubs. and next time raekwon stops by at my work (we're doing a crooks mixtape with him) i'm going to tell him that you're the ultimate wu chocolate deluxe.

Elle Bee said...

i want a bike so baaad. if i ever ever get a job my first damn pay check is getting spent on a bike.


SHAR WAH! said...

DIANNNNEEE - why dont you come mexico with us fool?!??! we're just going for the night. i cannot wait to see youuuuuuu!!! xxxxx