Monday, June 16, 2008


Yesterday me, Charly, Flo and a few others were hanging out in London Fields (AKA Fashion Hills E84DT) when the conversation turned to TEEN WITCH!!! Now if anyone hasn't seen this 80s gem, go buy it NOW!

Heres the trailer...

Its a classic story of geeky girl wanting to be popular so she meets this psychic who tells her she was born with witch powers and she should use them to become cooler. She leaves her old geeky mates behind, gets TOO popular and it all goes a bit tits up...Its also a musical with some AMAZINGGGGGG tunes...

Then this morning I was checking my new favourite blog VOODOO VILLAGE (Like literally this is the best blog I've seen ever) and Pete mentions another brilliant blog TROPICAL TITS by a girl called Polly (one of the best names ever) and lo and behold Polly has posted one of the most memorable scenes from Teen Witch. I'm not a big Youtube user to be honest, but I've spent the last hour watching Teen Witch clips with goosebumps, its so fucking goood!!!!! I've shared it round the Homme + office and even they (without all my nostalgic memories of it) love it!!!

For some reason, even though we grew up with no money, we had cable since I was about 5 years old. My Mom used to make me and my brother film tapes recorded from Sky Movie channels and she was cool enough to put similar films on the same tape. We had one tape of Teen Witch and Uncle Buck which we watched over and over until the tape fucked up. Those were the days...

Anyway, Check out one of my fave teen 80s flicks ever!!!!

I've said "most", "fave", "amazing" and "ever" like a millions times in this post. thats the extent of my excitement!

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kneesee said...

all time favorite guilty pleasure. as soon as it was available on dvd, i went though amazon and got it. i used to watch it with my girls a couple of years ago while pregaming and picking up awesome dancemoves and rap pick-up lines for the dudes at the club, ha!