Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I like my job. i can take 5 hours lunches and stroll around Soho in the sun. had to go to the Vintage Mag store to find some pictures of Johnny Depp. Ended up buying more magazines for myself, including a PLAYBOY SPRING BREAK SPECIAL!!!! Its soooo dope.

VINTAGE MAG STORE ON BREWER ST. One of my favourite stores ever.

I love Hamleys, its so cool. everyone is happy and smiling and its like entering a parallel world. You can always find crazy stuff in there too, like the random Pharoah Pen. I wanted one so bad but my card got frauded in Ireland so i dont have a bank card and i only had enough money for the badge making machine I needed. So annoying. Now I have to queue everyday to get money out. Cuntbags. Anyway, Hamleys on Regent St - Check it out.


Conroy Van Winkle said...

Yes you can buy some man in your life the playboy from his birthday, it makes for a great gift.

Miss O said...

Can I buy old issues of The Face? I stupidly used to give my old issues to my graphic teacher!!!

videotime said...

I too love vinmag, but there is nothing on earth I love more than Debi Mazar!

kiki said...

I love Neneah cherry...what happened to her? I love the mags