Wednesday, June 04, 2008


So theres an Alter Ego party on next week and I'm like - whats my alter ego!?!? When I was a teenager, I used the alter ego/alias me+Penelope, suggesting a naughty invisible friend who made me do bad things (Check Sleazenation mags around 2003 for letters we wrote to the mag).

However I think I need to find a recognisable character. I know who I'm gonna be - shhhhh!! - but while I was thinking about it I began to look at all those great female comic/cartoon characters that I loved as a kid. I love how theyre all curvy!!

Most mainstream comics are based on the notion of alter egos or "others" anyway - the ordinary person having another side to them. I guess alter egos are so prevalent in cartoons and comics because they are invincible and by nature of the medium ie stories, they seem to lead interesting lives. Even cartoons or stories based on day-to-day mundane events seem to have funny or exciting things going on! Above all, the seduction lies in the fact that we as humans and creators, write their story. We can make our alter egos be and do whatever we want. That power is extremely addictive and I guess thats why cartoons and comics will never die.

By the way - girl versions of boy characters don't count in my book...

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