Monday, June 23, 2008


These outfits are insane... I need to get my army gear out...and practice that dance routine! This video is pretty much exactly how I used to dress when I was 12 or so. Hmmmm, and if I think about it, its pretty much how I dress now!! Hahahaa! I cant embed the Jermaine Dupree remix, unfortunately....

This was Monica's amazing debut. About the same time as Brandy's debut (see below). I fancied the boys in both the videos. i used to dream that I would move to America and wear a silly hat like Tia and Tamera and find some fine American boy.

I remember my big cousin Racheal (who I looked up to when I was a kid for music and style) brought this record home from HMV along with Total - Can't You See. It was soooo good!!! Then the video came on Yo MTV Raps and we were just in RnB heaven!! I love that stupid dance Brandy does with her hands on the swing...

Remix with Latifah, Lyte and Yoyo

I love these leather outfits in this classic SWV video!!!

OH MY GOOOOODD THIS BOY IS SOOO FIT IT MAKES ME WANNA THROW UP!! I had a crush on him back then and I still am creaming myself about him now!!!

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