Friday, May 16, 2008


My Matilda post reminded me of a brilliant piece i saw at the Tate Modern about a month ago where the artist had taken 5 video clips of females in film using psychic or kinetic energy to make something happen. It was sooooo good! the clips were brilliant (Matilda, The Craft etc) and the colours were amazing. the clips built up into a frenzy accompanied by drum music until they reached climax and then they swapped screen colours to white noise and started again. I'm being a bit crap here because I dont remember the artists name or all of the films, but I'm going to Tate in a bit to see Duchamp, Man Ray, Picabia so I'll try and find it in a bit and update you...

+++ Update - So the piece is called PSI Girls by Susan Hiller...

"PSI Girls focuses on the theme of adolescence and late childhood as represented in the mass media - the unpredictability and threat of unfocused special abilities in children, particularly girls. The work investigates our common understanding of what is possible, and our desires and fantasies of what we wish were possible, using popular film as cultural artifact.

PSI Girls has been sampled from five previously unconnected films in which young women are represented in altered states of consciousness, and empowered with extraordinary and unsettling telekinetic skills. The physical nature of the work responds to the physical powers portrayed - powers of moving, manipulating, controlling and playing. The soundtrack, featuring the rhythmic hand-clapping and drumming of a gospel choir, seems to physically "drive the rhythm of the brain" whilst the vibrantly coloured images absorb and surround the viewer"

Room 8, States of Flux, Tate Modern

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