Sunday, May 25, 2008


Following on from the whole Catholic thing, I suddenly got a taste for a kilt this week. So I bought four. I've never been a fan of a kilt, purely because we had to wear a disgusting burgundy and yellow one of shin length at school, causing me to wear trousers for 5 years, rain or shine...But I loved my PE skirt, which i now realise is practically the same thing, just shorter! Haha! I love the snap clip on the side of the skirt and the flat front, letting the pleated fabric kick out at the back.

So as I was getting dressed I suddenly realised, spurred on by my flatmates, that I look like I should be in The Craft, one of my favourite movies of all time! So on Thursday I wore with Vans Half Cabs (one of my fave shoes ever), white socks, and black and white on top. Then Saturday with my new shirt Grace brought back from NY (Thanks babyyyy!) with white socks and Clarks Wallabees (one of my fave shoes ever!!) Hmmmmm, this is definitely my look for the next week.

The Craft is one of those films that is always on TV, you know every line, but you still watch it. It has the key teen movie elements of peer pressure, bullying, family problems and insecurities. This is Mean Girls for the mystical.

Remember girls - Everyday's a dress-up day!


kiki said...

that is my favorite movie I dressed just like them when i went to catholic school

Chantal said...

RANDOM - I came across you're blog randomly and at the same time that I am hankering after a kilt with great obsession! Where did you get yours?? I've been scouring eBay like crazy to no avail. Help a girl out.

PS - love your blog, have added it to my links to spread the word!

SHAR WAH! said...

i get mine from a vintage store in camden. they buy kilts buy the bulk, and cut them into miniskirts and resell them. normal kilts are usually too long!! or you could just buy a normal sixe one and get a tailor to do it for cheap. good luck! xxx