Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Now there are men.....And then there's Bruce Willis.

I've just watched the film Hostage on C4, which Bruce happened to co-produce. The opening credits should have given me some sort of indication as to just how good this film was going to be...but oh no! It was was even better, it was brilliant! Perrrrfect Bank Holiday viewing!! I've forgotten just how sexy Bruce Willis is. Even as a kid (this dude is old enough to be my graddaddy) I would fantasise about being rescued from a burning New York skyscraper by him...Bruce Willis follows my ultimate mantra "STICK TO WHAT YOU KNOW"! His films always include hostage, negotiations, heist, cops (he is never a uniformed cop though, he is sooo beyond that!) and his family being held in some basement by some foreign dudes followed by their rescue down to his ingenuity and muscle....BRUCE WILLIS - MY HERO!

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