Wednesday, April 23, 2008


As you know, my current love affair is with London. I got an email from Real Gold, which was the real truth, and its made me realise even more why I love this life and culture and the buzzy, bubbly melting pot which is LONDON TOWN!! I love that people like to take risks, i love when you accept your mistakes and i love it even more when you keep on keeping on...

"Real Gold started at the end of Summer 2006.

In December of that year we organized our first event, which took place in Hackney. We expected a couple hundred guests but, somehow, we had many many more. It marked where we were to head in 2007, a year in which we managed to open a shop, release a record, throw some fun parties, design several t-shirts and gain some notoriety for our tastes.

Despite our achievements, it was through our failures that we learned our lessons. We attempted to start a weekly club called Cough/Cool in Dalston (guests included Lightspeed Champion, Mystery Jets, Ed DMX), and not only failed to make money, but lost all we had saved to publish Ben Rayner's photography book. We rushed the release of RG00006A to get stock in our shop, and failed to promote it well enough.
You live and you learn.

Real Gold is about taking risks for things you believe in.

We are not a smooth company. We are London DIY.
If you're after a faultless empire, look elsewhere.

Real Gold is aiming high this year with our Fun Magazine, a record label, trainer designs, bands and an art exhibition all on the cards.

New Logo. Same Belief.

We hope you take a risk in joining us.

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