Wednesday, February 20, 2008


After 2 glorious years, I've decided to close the WAH blog! Now before you all go and commit suicide, a la Take That breakup styleee, i'll be back with a bigger and even better project in the summer. You see, I started WAH at a time when i felt like women were underepresented in certain areas of music and streetwear and art but now thats all changed, GIRLS RULE! so I'm no longer INSPIRED by anything female related, and if I'm not inspired then I'm BORED! And people like me need to keep moving. And rather than let it fester and wane, I'd rather just kill it early like Jimmy Hendrix, Kurt Cobain etc...Live Fast Die Young ya get me!!

For anyone who doesn't know me personally, this is very much who I am....I've quit jobs after 2 hours when I start getting bored. And I want all the WAH readers to take note! NEVER do anything if you're not in love with it, NEVER do anything if it seems a chore and NEVER do anything that you feel obligated or forced to! Life's waaaay to short for that!

Anyone missing some WAH flava should check the archives and also Josephines New Blog.

WE AIN'T HOES!! peace out!!! xxx


Phoebe said...


You'll be sorely missed!


Josephine said...



DIANNE said...

It's about that time.

September's the month. We gotta get to workin' this summer. Big things poppin'!


It's been fun WAH!

Biola said...

fun while it lasted

lollla said...

indeed. I was waiting for something like this and many of us were slipping (Josephine NOT included). Uni work/Vice killed my blog flow right off.

Good luck ladies


Colleen said...

i'm gunna miss you :(

J said...

wait there is a possibility i mite commit suicide
i pretty much lived on wah during the past 2 years
what am i to do?

notorious A.N.A. said...


~Niranjela~ said...

ahhhhhhh.... n i was just getting warmed up! hehe

oh well, times r a changing!

this is for bigger and better tings for everyone, im sure.

much love.x

Tronics said...


Come back bigger and stronger innit.

Mr Made Of Codes said...
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Mr Made Of Codes said...

'They' say Never say never. I says - never say good bye, only see you later.
Till then ladies.

Anonymous said...

all good things must come to an end

: (


misterlego said...

i loved it while it lasted . .

Killahbee & Supa Syl said...

We will miss this Blog, but we Will Stan even more So for Your new Projects..... All The best Xx

Lady H said...

Your blog was soooooo interesting and I LOVED to hear what what you had to say. Being from San was cool to see what your neck of the woods was doing. You had amazing swagger!!!!!
Thanks for being an inspiration and not being your average typical woman.


Mr said...

bad times/good times..


i did like to get my gay on to a bit of wah..

i also remember helping to pack WAH2 into ziplocks in an office at silly AM a two summers ago..

thats my contribution. ;)

bye bye.


rye / martelo / sammy the turk


we keep clicking the page expecting for you to be like "PSYCH! Y'all just got moded!", except we know that's not gonna happen. Sigh.

Lots of girls were given so much joy from this zine/blog. Definitely filled a void in the game. We will miss you, fa sho! But we'll be totally waiting for the next hot shit........

Mz.Matic said...

oh no, that's a shame dude!!
but saying that, i can totally relate to your motivations - gotta keep shit pushin! my degree has been ruling my life at the mo as i'm in my final year so i've as good as been under a rock these days - look forward to see what you'll have poppin off this summer ;-)
blessings sharm xoxo

Anonymous said...

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