Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I'm having palpitations right now cos I just remembered that tomorrow, for a laugh, I'm going speed dating. Hilarious! I'm sure it'll be a riot! Chatting shit to loads of randoms looking for love! What a laugh! Hahahahahahahaha! I'm shitting myself! I don't want to go! God help me! GOD HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will let you know how it goes. Would try some secret filming but not sure if its legal.

If anyone out there has been speed dating and has time to give me any tips, then please go ahead. Shoot.

No really, shoot. Shoot me. I'm already dying here.


bisola said...

hahaha, i've done it once at my school once, for a program.

The one thing I learned is that people like when you talk about them and compliment them and they are possibly just as nervous as you are.

good luck!

Cath. said...

hahaha good luck girl. Im sure you will find the one;)

josephine said...

thanks ladies...i needed that good luck desperately but it never reached me.

by the way, cath, i just checked out your blog, the video of your first attempt at mixing...loved it! v. funny! (it was meant to be funny right?!)


josephine said...

cath djing...

Cath. said...

LOLLLL.. it was seriously the first time I touched my turntables hahaha. I thought, why not make a vid of my stupidities. I might make a new dj-ing vid one of these days, since I got my turntables for a month now=]
ohh well.. going to link the WAH-blog to mine if u dont mind! Love reading the stories here