Friday, January 04, 2008


Last night me and Kesh went out, drank like a fish in Max Fish. Watched Todd Jordan get molested by a girl on a moving fairground horse. Rode the mechanical bull in the rodeo bar Mason Dixon again in 6 inch heels, bust my lip running to the mechanical bull. Sprained my ankle getting off the bull.

Then went to a club. dropped something off the floor, when i pulled back my hand, there was a bloody stump where my fingernail shoulda been. Someone had trodden on my finger and broke my nail clean off! It was bleeding everywhere!! I had to go home. Someone is punishing me!

I can't leave the house cuz my ankle is fucked and i have no food, i can't order food because i have no cards because readers will remember that i lost my wallet before i left the country.. I look homeless and I smell even worse. If somebody....anybody is out there PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

(and bring me a coffee)

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