Thursday, January 24, 2008


Sharmadean's touched on this before but I've just got to echo her warm sentiments on GirlPROPS, the online jewellery store 'for girls of all ages'. Just been down the post office to pick up my new collection (had to pay a £16 customs charge though...screwing!) which consists of the following beautiful bits of decorative bric-a-brac:

Ooh, matron!
The next two are rings...

I know the door-knockers thing is kind of played out now but I couldn't resist.

I've just realised that I NEVER usually reveal to people where I get my shit from, so if you ever hear me lying to some girl in a club about how I had got these from a tiny boutique in the backstreets of Tokyo then please keep shtum ; )


L'Artiste said...

i just ordered the boombox ring the other day! i cant wait!

josephine said...

mine just broke :(

nothing a bit of superglue can't fix (one of the rings fell of the back), but still, if you like to fiddle with your rings while they're on your finger then be careful.

or better yet, don't be a fiddler.