Sunday, December 09, 2007


Alongside 'chappin', which Sharma utilised a couple of blogs ago, my other favourite word on heavy rotation this winter is 'ropey' as in 'dodgy, dubious of nature' etc etc. It's application is universal and was the first word that came to mind when I heard this:


It's not new , or particularly edgy to look down one's nose at the vB of DvB. It's dead easy: the woman makes Chanel and YSL look like Morgan/Barretts sale leftovers (see photo) but even though we know the man enjoys light beef with 'the industry' really WHY? No one else will even loan her a t-shirt. says the photos have been taken; they're ready to roll so come January, prepare to see Juergen Teller's magic worked on that curiously upturned nose and pert bosoms as they peep out at you from behind gift wrapped boxes and posing by a car with her initials, VB, on the hubcaps - the jokers.

Has the man who can do know wrong finally overstepped the marc (hohoho), been smoking too much crack with best pal Lil' Kim (or whatever drug she does that's convinced her that chemically bleached skin on your face is a look)?

He's so cute though - oh let him do what he wants - the Maverick - I for one, cannot wait.

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