Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I have a slight obsession with tattoos so much so that if I was a man I would of had probably both arms covered with a complex, decorative design by now (if you think i'm kidding you should wait until my currently unfinished backpiece is done). The art of tattooing has been practised worldwide from the Polynesian people to the many tribes in countries such as the Phillipines, South America (need reference? watch Apocalypto), Africa, Cambodia , New Zealand etc.

The history of it fascinates me so much..that an art form can be so widespread and worldwide but still remain a taboo..and have so many emotional connotations attached to each one. Whether it would be as a sign for a spiritual commitment such as a simple psalm or prayer or as a sign of punishment for example, the ka-tzetnik identification system for Jews in part of the concentration camps during the Holocaust. For me, personally, my current tattoo and the ones yet to come will be most likely all dedicated to my father. When he commited suicide a few years back I wasn't left with anything of his which I felt I could save so I decided that as a tribute I would dedicate pieces of me to him.

So as I am obsessed it was only natural that I became obsessed with brilliant tattoo artists. Which brings me back to my title " My WAH girl of the year".KAT VON D. This woman is renowned for being one of the world's best at potraits & realistic art with an emphasis on black and gray and one of the great female tattoo artists if not the ONLY great female tattoo artist out there right now. Her artwork makes me speechless...how they can be so realistic?..not only to mention she's the kinda kick-ass no bullshit type of woman that I admire. She did her first tattoo on herself at the age of 14, a letter "J" in Old English style on her ankle and her first work on someone else was a Misfits (Crimson Ghost) skull which was done soon after..need I say more?

Miss Von D



josephine said...

she was on miami ink right? yeah, she's wicked. I've actually seen those portrait tattoos floating about everywhere on the net but didn't realise they were done by her.

i was disappointed at first that i wasn't your wah girl of the year, but i'll let that kat shove past me on this occasion.


Anonymous said...

Nikole Lowe is another sick female tattooist- she's on London Ink. Her work's amazingly beautiful..

trendy murder said...

love kat von d. she doesn't do work on normal folks no more though since she's become big.