Saturday, November 10, 2007


If you can get to Leeds this weekend then you need to quickstep your ass (or arse?) down to this event. For FIVE POUNDS you get entry to a pre-party on Saturday which features top-rock battles and live beatboxing (I don't know why I added that word 'live' obviously it's gonna be fucking live) and also entry to the main event on the Sunday which features b-boy and b-girl battles and a really sick sick DJ line up. All that for a fiver!

I can't go because, while I am in posession of said amount, I can't afford the train fare (it's cheaper to go to Majorca than it is to go to Leeds), I can't afford to spend eight hours travelling by coach (it's quicker to go to St.Lucia than it is to travel to and from Leeds) and I can't afford to call an ex-boyfriend to drop me up there (it's easier to get off crack than it is to mend a broken heart in Leeds). But you should go by all means. Don't let me stop you.
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