Saturday, November 03, 2007


Some time in September a new mag arrived on my boss’s desk. Normally I would have ignored it as he gets rags begging advertising daily but this one aroused the nosey parker within me. It’s called Arkitip. Turns out its not so new: It’s an art based publication founded in 1999 and takes contributions from graphic/digital/fine artists worldwide and their philosophy is to make art affordable and accessible. Nice, right?

September’s issue came complete with a free OriginalFake x Incase laptop case and Kaws-designed cover. CRIKEY MOSES - I love Kaws, errrone love Kaws! And I just copped a new laptop, a cardigan was its case. It was meant to be. Didn’t even bother to beg my boss for his – the man was not INTERESTED. Anyway I hollered at them from work and they sent me a promo copy plus case via Airmail! - How bloody nice of them. So yeh, now I love Arkitip. Check it out: Issue no.42 – it’s on some sort of Ferrari tip. Might tide you over until WAH3 drops onto your doormat.


josephine said...

sold out.

not as in 'compromised its principles for commercial gain', sold out as in 'there's none left' :(

thanks for the link though!

Ry2Tha said...

I enjoyed the Supreme issue as well as the Alife one, Supreme came with a finger board! Yeah Im a nerd.