Monday, October 08, 2007


If you're in the centre of the Londinium metropolis, where the streets are paved with mould, you'll be delighted, yes delighted to learn that the Covent Garden FOPP is back open! The company did go bankrupt, as we've documented in previous posts, but HMV bailed out one branch (which just happens to be down the road from my work!). So good news for music lovers...bad news for wallets :(

On Friday night I went in there to say 'welcome back!' to the staff and to give them cutting-edge marketing ideas that others would KILL for, such as setting up a board for people to tack their welcome back messages to. I wasn't really feeling the appreciation that I think my idea should have warranted. I wasn't really feeling much love. Don't think they're ready for that shit yet.

Anyways, today I bought this...

...just for one tune - 'Superstition', covered by Sergio Mendes and Brasil '77. Bad boy track. I've put my trust in DJ Spinna and Bobbito that the rest of the tracklisting will meet the same standard.

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