Thursday, October 25, 2007


I had to post this video.

You know the sneaker/street "culture" is done when you see ignorant fucks like this caring about nothing but the latest pair of SB's being dropped while the world is in crisis.

I had cover my mouth and prevent myself from vomiting all over my computer screen while I was watching the video. Strong stomach muscles highly recommended!

p.s. That Soulja Boy song is the worst song that's ever been recorded in music history. What the fuck were they thinking? If I ever see this Soulja Boy anywhere on the streets I'm gonna supersoak that ho! with a fire hose!

Almost vomitted again after I googled his album cover.

Video courtesy of Satchel Gravel.


Ry 2 Tha said...

Soulja boy is one of the many perfect examples of the dumming to our society, it starts with the arts(music and acting) etc etc....this is just horrible.

bisola said...

do you know what that song means? it's ridiculous

hahaha no lie, i like doing the dance.. before everyone and their mom (literally) started doing it at every party.

DIANNE said...

what does it mean?! i just think it sounds really annoying and ignorant but the dance is actually fun like you said. ahaha. hes out with this new one that goes "YOU GOTTA LICK LIKE THIS TO BE A SOULJA GIRL" that's just degrading for women.

Tronics said...

Soulja Boy appeals to a certain audience which doesn't include me so more time im cool with it. But it begins to be a problem when it seaps through to my side of things, thats when its a problem.

That video posted is heat yo! hahahaha

MAX said...

Darn, I guess I was too late to peep the vid because it's no longer available. But Soulja Boooi is stupid.

jazz said... teen myself I have definetly had those moments where I thought I was too fly for having numerious pairs of lim. ed. kickz...but to publicize those shallow moments..i think not...and I can vouche for seeing everyone and their ma doing the souljah boy...seent with my own 2 eyez

bisola said...

soulja boy is the name of his penis,
and he cranks it like he's getting off

when you superman a girl you cum on her back (usually when she's sleeping) and slap a blanket on top. she wakes up and she has a cape.

there are a thousand spin off of this like spiderman-ing which is when a guy cums in his hand and throws it at her face.

no lie.. sometimes i hate america.