Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This week I've been so tired and groggy at work. If anyone even dares to ask me a question, such as "Josephine, are you coming to this meeting?" or "Josephine, is it okay if you handover that proposal you promised you'd do three months ago?", they get this:

Poor bastards.

I've been trying to figure out why I'm at the end of my tether and I've come to this revolutionary hypothesis: my moods are directly linked to the number of hours sleep I get. I know. Crazy.

For the last few weeks, instead of ensuring I get my eight hours beauty sleep a night, I've been fannying around on MySpace and Blogger until 2am and then when I'm through with that I lie on the sofa pretending I'm going to watch a film and, yes, I will be good tonight and plait my hair so it doesn't start locs-ing up and yes, I will clean my face so I don't get mascara smeared all over the white leather sofas but then I feel the smooth sexy fingers of sleep caressing my skin saying "Josey, Josey...it's okay, sleep my child, sleep..." and before I know it my alarm clock is going off and I'm crying (really) and I get ready for work and roll in bleary-eyed and puffy as a crackwhore. Red eyes and everything. Pete Doherty ain't got shit on me in the monrings.

For the last couple of nights, the film I've pretended to watch at 2am is Wild Style. I watch the scene at the ampitheatre again and again until I fall asleep and the remote slips out of my hands and smashes onto the floor. I love Mr. Freeze's entrance and Ken Swift's bit the best.

Anyway, if you love Wild Style too (don't we all?) then you'll be happy to know that two of the Cold Crush Brothers are going to be playing a DJ set at Jazz Cafe this Friday. I caught Charlie Chase when he played at The Social in London with Toni Tone a couple of years back and I can honestly say that it was my favourite DJ set of all time. I've heard a lot of DJ sets and so I don't say that shit likely. Bare rare grooves in the place.

So head down if your free...and come and say hello! If you're a guy, please don't try and dance behind me though because I'll have to knee you in the bollocks.

Bye! x


Killahbee & Supa Syl said...

Josey...this is the story of myyyy liife(especially the pete doherty part),i hate mornings...

josephine said...

mornings suck big time. i don't think i've ever been happy to wake up. unless it's because i can smell cooking. mmmmm...food.