Wednesday, August 01, 2007


SAK PASE WAH FAM?! I just really wanted you all to share in my joy....they've finally come....and it was even better than how I dreamed....introducing the BRAND NEW...LIMITED EDITION...BOBBITO APPROVED.....MS. MACHETE AIR FORCE 1's....move ova Nelly...bout to stomp you out with dees!

Here they are...being baptised in the dressing room aka the bathroom @ TRIPLE CROWN (in brooklyn, baby!). T'was the afterparty for our preview screening of our Hip Hop Travel Doc, "Word?! I Didn't Know _______ Could Get Down Like That" ). I was lucky cause Jaq had some amazing Carol's Daughter lotion that took care of the legs. Keep it classy...don't be ashy when you're tryna be flashy.

.....then NOLA DARLING rocked out selecta stylee on 1 pair of headphones!

Thanks to the unforgettable Kool Bob Love for showing me love..and to IZ from Nike ID for riding the wave with me.

Bless Up Yaselves!


Ms. Machete

P.S.>For more info on NOLA DARLING and "WORD?! I Didn't Know ______ Could Get Down Like That" a Nou La Production
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    josephine said...

    ...and they have springs in them too from the look of your second pic! :)

    Niranjela said...

    looking and sounding reeeeAL fresh as always ladies.
    will we get to see your doc over here in not so sunny LDN? trailer looking good...

    Reminis said...

    very dope. can i post these shoes on my blog?