Monday, July 09, 2007


You know everybody's got love for certain things that they like. Personally, I have this weird fascination for artists that includes all things feminine in their work. Everyday all you see on MTV and hear on the radio now a days are rappers disrespecting women in their songs (their so-called form of art) calling them bitches and hoes, talking about their sexual acts descriptively. True, there's mad bitches and hoes in society but if you're a public personnel that 12 years old boys are looking up to then you shouldn't be talking shit about women like its some kind of good example from a role model!

Well here's some positive art I'd like to share by a man that I've recently met and gained my respect skill-wise and as a person. Extremely humble. Somebody who apparently appreciates a woman's beauty and is able to transfer it into his form of art.
THE MAC is the name ( His work consists of photographs-inspired spray painting, acrylic on canvas and also pen&ink. I think he's absolutely amazing by being able to transfer an image from a picture on to a wall using SPRAYPAINT! Sounds like mad talent and practice to me because most people can't even paint with a brush to be this realistic. Last thing I'm thinking about is using Krylons and Montanas. Shittt.

My favorites are his collaborations with Retna ( Mac does the portrait, Retna comes in and adds all the elaborate details on the art piece. It looks fuckin' amazing. No lie.
The Mac & Retna (Hollywood)

La Brea.

The Mac & Reyes.

This last painting is acrylic on canvas. The letterings you see as the halo around the girls head is in Thai. It reads Frebruary, Sapphire, Saturn, and Autumn. I read and write in Thai and from my point of view, the letterings are FLAWLESS.

You know, when you're driving in traffic ass Los Angeles, all you see is smog, cars, and shitty buildings (Sadly, We don't have many amazing architectures like the Europeans do in our cities.) and then you drive by and spot a beautiful mural on the wall, it kinda makes your day a little less bitter...

Bright side of graffiti and murals.



Charlie Digital said...

impressive - nice one on the heads-up

Anonymous said...

shit the collabs are so beautiful!
ive forwarded this blog on too my boyfriedn hes gonna piss his pants wen he sees this!...
so amazing!

Mz.Matic said...

b e a u t i f u l

DIANNE said...

glad you ladiesare feelin' it! the collab are absolutely wonderful. if you ever get a chance to visit LA you have to stop by.