Saturday, February 17, 2007


The other night I was watching Boyz In the Hood. I hadn'tt seen it for ages and there was a repeat episode of CSI on so I settled for that and I forgot how good it was!! Oh lordie, as soon as I switched it on the chick in it (the babymomma of Ricky who gets shot) had the EXACT same outfit and i had on!! an acidwash denim mini and Nike tee with sleeves rolled up and ghetto hoops, albeit her tee was red and mine was grey...Whoa! and then her other outfits were similar to mine tooooo. All the girls in the film look wicked. I love that film. Roll on 1991...I guess I am still in LA mode...I wish I had gone to Crenshaw!

I used to fancy this dude hardcore!

So after watching it, here's what I wore out : Flouncy top, gold peace sign, hair tied up tight, bamboo's, red lips, Raiders jacket, black hoodie, vintage jeans giving that true authentic high waisted fit and black Jordan IVs.....tiiiiiight....


Baddaman T said...

Cubba merked that film!

My hero.

Gary said...

"hoes gotta eat too..." doughboy dropped plenty of gems in that movie.