Thursday, February 15, 2007


Last month I went to see a preview of 'The Bridge' at the ICA with my
home boy Gwar , trust me if you know him you'll know that there's
no better person in the world to watch a film about people committing suicide than
him. Check out the trailer, It's showing at the ICA 16 Feb 2007 - 22 Mar 2007, and is a MUST SEE.

So basically it's a documentary surrounding suicides that take place at
Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, which is notorious for it's high suicide
rate. It follows the stories of the those the decide to end their life there,
and tries to establish, though talking to their loved ones, what drove
them to it.

The film was amazing! No seriously it was fucking insane, I thought it
would be quite unnerving watching people jumping from a 220ft bridge
and falling 4 seconds to their death, but instead it was
quite poetic, which was definitely achieved through the cinematography
the shots were beautifully soft and angelic though their movement. And
at the same time the content displayed not a sense of sensationalism, it
was very delicately done. It's weird because I didn't feel distressed
or any discomfort throughout, instead I kind of warmed to those now deceased and
understood where they were coming from.

What I got from it was this. You may have people around you that love
and care for you, as well as having a respectable job, a home and a
family, but this all means nothing if you feel you have no one or
nothing in YOUR life to love. Think of it like this, to love someone
means that you'll your best not to do anything to hurt them, you'll
care and look after then as best you can, you couldn't imagine life
without them . Now imagine if you felt like this about no one. Not a
family member, a lover, even a friend. To a certain degree you would feel
like you have no one to live for. This alone is enough to allow you
to fall into depression and eventually you lack of self worth will
make you feel as though life is not worth living. As much as we'll be
quick to say that it was a cowardly way to go out, it is also the
bravest decision you could ever make, there is no going back once you
have done it, you can't change your mind halfway through.

That night I couldn't sleep, I was thinking... yes there has been
points in my life where I have been depressed and at really low
points, but there's always been something or someone there that you
keeps you going.... I am thankful for that.

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Gary said...

good writeup grace! but you did omit to mention that you noisily unwrapped a kinder bueno at the quietest, most poignant moment in the movie...