Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Oh dear lord!! Is SNOWING in London!!!! i love snow sooo much!!! I always eat snow. (not the yellow snow obviously) and because it doesn't snow all year round i have to scrape the freezer for frost with a spoon which is the closest i get to snow...I'm very happy. Now i'm gonna out on my fur coat and boots and play the Ice Queen on the marshes...Check the view from my balcony...

On a second note, I was so excited about the snow I jumped outta bed and scratched my tummy with content, like a cat would, and scratched my tattoos. I was in fucking AGONY for ten minutes. I had to lay down and let the pain subside. They gone a bit crusty now because i'm too wuss too scrub em clean. I'm sure all the dead skin will just fall off when its good and ready no?

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