Sunday, January 28, 2007


For all those who were wondering, I AM making a print issue of WAH3, which I want out by the end of February. I'm also in the final year of my degree, which is mad hectic, so be patient! But to all those who want to contribute, please send in what you got.

But for all those who wanna throw their two cents to WAH3 in, i want you to tell me WHO DO YOU LOVE? Email me a woman you love, from music, art, film whatever, she can be dead or alive, but just tell me who you love, what she did and why you love her. If you can send in a picture too that would be great. And I'm sure Kelis is heroine to many of you out there, but lets try and find the obscure women who are often ignored.

My friend Ashley told me about a woman called Judee Sill, an American singer/songwriter from the 70s who I now listen to everyday. It doesn't have to be hip hop! Send your fave women in, whoever they may be...

I think my first woman I love would be...Cleopatra...she is dope....I look forward to hearing yours...

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