Tuesday, November 21, 2006


What the hell was it that attracted NWA to so many kids around the globe? Sure, there's the endless profanities which were like, really cool when you were about 9, and there was the slick production skills from DRE ensuring that even tunes without choruses were sing-a-long. But I know i am right in saying that their LOOK was what drew you in first. Totally LA, totally gang led and oh soooo cool in head to toe black, these muthafuckers were the most stylish dudes on the West Coast (with P.E being in New Yawk n all...) and it was from seeing them that I started to covet Raiders gear. Now i'ma tell you the truth, I didn;t even know who the Raiders team were, i didn;t even know what bloody sport it was. But that was irrelevant. It was sportswear, it was black and it was worn by NWA. Nothing else mattered. Obviously when i was a kid, my moms wasn't buying me shit. I had some wack no name trainers and my Bermuda shorts to play in (course i still rocked it with styleeee) So when i started working in a vintage store in camden, my wildest fantasties came true. No, not that one with me and Edward Norton at a foam party! The one wear i got my very own Raiders jacket. I was sooo happy! It was small, and an original, with all the Starter logo tabs in it. Woop Woop!!! I was at a party lately and i started seeing other people wearing Raiders shit. Course i was a little pissed but who cares, it looks hot! New Era have made a classic black Raiders cap, and check this hoodie by one of my fave labels Bounty Hunter...RAIDERS 4 EVA!!!





Thomas Georgetti, the sneaker king from Paris, has sent this in!!!

DJ Atrak in more Raiders goodness...

If I see any more Raiders hotness, i'ma let you know. Oh shit! thats Jonathan on the phone telling me about a new LA KINGS jacket he just got in in my size. The cycle starts again...

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