Sunday, November 26, 2006


In the first issue, i had a headline saying WE AIN'T...FEMINISTS. A line I included because I love men and don't wanna be seen as a dick basher. I also love women and am constantly interested in supporting them. I remember a while back, in conversation with the legendary Martha Cooper she sent me this email...

"Hey S-dean,
You don't have to march around with a sign to fight for women's rights. You just gotta live the life of a strong, independent woman and not cower in the face of discrimination of any kind. You are out there on the front lines leading the way. You are a feminist big time in my book and that's something to be proud of! WAH is an amazing piece of work--a breath of fresh air in a male-dominated field. Congratulations!!
Martha C."

And this was from her partner in crime, Nika Kramer, who translated her Hip Hop Files book and is another advocate of females in hip hop...check her site weBgirlz

"The only thing we don't understand is the sentence:
We ain't feminists...because we are! I think it is sad that a lot of young women today think it's bad to be a
feminist. It only means we are fighting for our rights, fighting for equality.
Men try to make us believe femimists are naggy old hags and that's why young
women today don't dare to call themselves feminists anymore...but Sharmadean, you are a
feminist and you should be proud of that!

Check this out:
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Feminism is advocacy for women, and is comprised of a diverse collection of
social theories, political movements, and moral philosophies, largely motivated
by or concerning the experiences of women, especially socially, politically, and
economically. As a social movement, feminism focuses on promoting women's

Hope to hear from you soon!

Greatings from NYC!

Nika & Marty"


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