Saturday, November 25, 2006


I got the new issue if i-D Magazine last week and its bloody brilliant. i-D has totally stepped up its game, and now after checking the masthead I realise its cuz if this new editor Ben Reardon. I've never met Ben properly, but he has completely turned the magazine around and made it into the interesting, cool document of culture that it was before. This is his 6th issue and its fun and poppy and intelligent...For a while it was actually depressing me. I think i stoped buying it in 2004, just because all the images and content was so bland and dreary and depressing. Now its ultra cool and colourful and it makes me believe in magazines again.

My only gripe was that this cover shot with P.Diddy and Cassie and the accompanying interview inside was almost identical to Jay Z and Teairra Mari cover in August 05. They basically talk to the guys more, the interview is like 90% Jay Z/P.Diddy with the girl just being pretty accessories...*sigh*. Both them girls are dry anyway we know. Cassie has as much personality as a doorknob and look what happened to Teairra. I sorta understand the system. P.Diddy and Jay-Z are businessmen and trying to promote their artists so they probably woulda have only granted i-D the interview on the basis of having their female signees in the shot too, which is fair enough. So maybe they should interviewed the girls properly too. But I suppose if they gave boring interviews then its nt even printworthy. I understand but as usual I just gotta have a moan. Just looking at the two covers side by side now I can see how much more energy is in the P.Diddy cover, again a testament to Reardons skills. Well done i-D!

The Older and Wiser Issue...Dec 06

The Straight Up Issue - Aug 05

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