Friday, November 24, 2006


Thank you Uniqlo for creating the jacket i have been looking for all my life, albeit in a mens size! Uniqlo is absolutely rocking it these days. I know Tabs from MTTM has been there and said that but seeing as I have bought my entire winter wardrobe from there I need to throw in my two pence. This puffa jacket is what dreams are made of. In the softest fabric, a PROPA PUFFA, made in purple, my fave colour!!! and a bright orange lining like what bouncers jackets are like. I'm so haps! I saw it on Kish and he was cussing me for buying the same one but errrr, do I fuckin care what HE wears? Especially when that shit looks better on me. I also bought a red n black lumberjack fleece, 2 pairs of the best fitting jeans on the high street and some flannel shirts. The new fashion director is my old boss Nicola Formichetti would ya believe it. He is so amazing, i'm so pleased!!! Oh my!

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